Welcome to SWFL Veg Fest ’19!

Veg Fest is the largest festival in SWFL dedicated to celebrating and educating people about living a healthy, compassionate, sustainable, plant-based lifestyle that is healthier for people, animals and the planet!

Join us as a vendor and share your products, services and/or literature with thousands of people in SWFL and beyond who deeply care about creating a brighter future for us all!

In 2017, the first SWFL Veg Fest was held.  Between 8-10,000 committed and passionate enthusiasts of plant-based eating, healthy and compassionate lifestyles, environmentalists, and many others who wanted to learn more about how to protect their health, the planet, and its inhabitants attended. In 2018, Veg Fest drew almost twicethat number – between 16-20,000 from across SWFL and beyond!  

We intend to make SWFL Veg Fest ’19 a destination event, doubling our attendance once again!

The event will be promoted in the most effective online and local media channels we know of to ensure Veg Fest ’19 is the largest gathering to-date! As a vendor, we hope you will help by promoting this event to everyone in your tribe, and in all the media channels available to you.  And if there are other would-be vendors in your community, invite them to join you!

Consider this your personal invitation to be a vendor at SWFL Veg Fest ’19 and help make it the largest vegan festival in all of Southwest Florida!

SWFL Veg Fest ’19 will host vegan food trucks and vendors, healthy living and eco-friendly exhibitors and vendors, non-profits, fun and games for kids, cooking demonstrations, live music and entertainment, speakers who will share the latest information on living healthy, compassionate and sustainable lifestyles, and so much more!

Showcase your vegan business, products and/or services to thousands of people who follow, or are interested in learning more about, a sustainable, compassionate, plant-based lifestyle. Your business doesn’t have to be exclusively vegan, but what you bring to the Fest must be!

To participate as a vendor, you must fill out a vendor application form, explain what type of business you are, and what type of vegan products and/or services you will be showcasing to ensure a great reception by our attendees.  You will find a link to the vendor application form below.

At Veg Fest, we seek to draw different types of vendors with different types of spaces at different price points. Below is a list of possibilities. All booths are 10’X10′ unless noted otherwise. If you don’t see an option that suits your business or organization, please contact us at Vend@SWFLVegFest.org to inquire about special accommodations.  

Food Truck: 1 parking spot: $275
Food and/or Beverages: $275
Products and/or Services: $275
Non-profit and/or Educational: $175
Farmer: $175
Artist: $175
Animal Rescue: $50 deposit (all refunded day of event)

Set-Up Time: 8-9:30AM
Festival Open to the Public: 10AM-5PM
Take Down: 5PM-6PM

Please read the SWFL Veg Fest Vendor Terms & Conditions to ensure you agree to comply with them.

If you’re a restaurant or food vendor Certified by aPlantBasedDiet.org, you’ll receive special placement in our advertising and at the event.

If You’re Not Yet, Contact Info@SWFLVegFest.Org


To Apply to be a Vendor at SWFL Veg Fest '19, Please Follow the Steps Below!

STEP ONE: Print and fill out the City of Bonita Spring’s Short Term Vendor Permit and save it to your hard drive.

STEP TWO: Read the SWFL Veg Fest ’19 Vendor Terms and Conditions to be sure you agree to them.

STEP THREE: If you are a food vendor, you must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance valued at a minimum of $1Million with the following Named Insured Info on it: APlantBasedDiet.org, 11665 Collier Blvd, Suite 580, Naples, FL 34116.  Please be sure to have it ready electronically when you get to Step Five below.

STEP FOUR: Ready your online payment option, as well as your EIN or 501(c)3 number if you’re a non-profit.

STEP FIVE: Fill out the SWFL Veg Fest ’19 Vendor Application form and submit your payment via PayPal.

STEP SIX: Await an email confirming that you’ve been accepted as a vendor at SWFL Veg Fest ’19!

QUESTIONS? Email Vend@SWFLVegFest.org 

***All food, beverages, and condiments SOLD and SAMPLED at SWFL Veg Fest ’19 must be VEGAN (no animal products or by-products, including flesh, fat, broth, gelatin, egg, dairy, or honey)***

***All merchandise SOLD or GIVEN AWAY at the event must be VEGAN (e.g., no leather, feathers, wool, fur or silk products of any kind), not tested on animals, and as environmentally friendly as possible.***

Check out our video from SWFL Veg Fest 2018, featuring some of our vendors and sponsors!