So Much To See – So Much To Do!

Check out the schedule of events below for all the exciting happenings at the fest: informative speakers, mouth-watering cooking demos, fun for the kiddos, entertainment, competitions, and more. Come stay all day with us!
Note: Schedule below subject to change.

10:00   Dr. Jami Dulaney – Extending Health Span and Lifespan Through Plant-Based Nutrition

11:00  Dr. Jim Loomis – Food and the Environment

12:00  Wendie Pett – Our Body as a Gym

1:00  Vanessa Sardi – Farm vs Pharma

2:00  James Aspey – Animal Rights, Agribusiness & the Effects on the Planet

3:00  Dr. Jonathan Bonnet – The Busy Illusion: How to Prioritize Your Health and Optimize Your Life

4:00  Dr. Sal – Health & Happiness

Fitness Schedule

10:00 Yoga

11:00 Booty Bootcamp

12:00 Bootcamp

1:00 Blue Mat CT Max Cognitive Training Class

2:00 Tai Chi

Cooking Demos

10:00 G-Bomb Easy Bean Salad and Southwestern Stew, with Paulette Blair

11:00 Rainbow Salad and Balsalmic Glazed Mushroom, with Elle (Peeler) Corcoran

12:00 WFPB Success Story – Brenda Morris

1:00 Recipe TBD, Trish (Reynaert) Smith

3:00 Recipe TBD, with Carey Ralston

2:00 Chickpea Ala King and Whole Grain Waffles, with Kristina Karschnia

Kid Zone

Vegfest Kid Zone is where children of all ages can enjoy fun activities and learn about plant-based living.

Stay tuned for more details – plus we will have a scavenger hunt all day!

1:00 Fruit and Veggie ID Game

3:00 Red, Yellow, and Green Foods

2:00 “I Can Eat the Whole Plant!”

10-11:00 Thomas Burdock (Location: Across the Tracks)

12-2:00 MFYF – Music for Your Friends (Location: Across the Tracks)

11-12:00 Eduardo Parada (Location: Across the Tracks)

10-11:00 Cody Smith, Cody & Co (Location: Childers Street)

11-12:00 Brad Talbott (Location: Childers Street)

12-2:00 Pen Johnson (Location: Childers Street)

2-4:00 Perfect Sequence (Location: Across the Tracks)

2-4:00 Nick Dudley (Location: Childers Street)

4-5:00 Thomas Burdock (Location: Across the Tracks)

4-5:00 Chase Schiefer (Location: Childers Street)